Leptin Resistance & Chronic Illness

Doing everything right but you still struggle to loose weight?  

You may have Leptin resistance!  Leptin is a hormone in our bodies that is secreted by our fat cells and it plays  an important role in energy balance and regulation of body weight.

When certain factors occur, it can trick the body in thinking it needs to store more fat, when in reality you need to be loosing it.


3 Easy Things to Improve Digestion

Are you struggling with digestive issues?  Stress?  Pain? Headaches? Eczema?  Or some other random symptoms that no one can seem to get rid of, let alone have an answer of why you have it?

This day and age, everyone is after a quick fix.  Truth be told, I used to be like this, but guess what? Quick fixes will not resolve your problems.  They could temporarily offer band aid solution but it won't be long before they rear their ugly faces again.


Chicken Curry Healing Soup

I love this soup and so does my 8 year old daughter. It is incredibly nourishing and fantastic for anything head or chest or even just to kick your immune system in the pants. Packed with immune supporting goodness, such as bone broth, garlic, curry, cilantro, and ginger. Since its creation I've made a couple of modifications, but it continues to be a favorite comfort soup that offers us a huge added immune boost.

What is Functional Medicine?

Have you ever had a doctor tell you they don't know what's wrong with you? Or had a doctor think a symptom you struggle with is more than likely XYZ and put you (or try and put you) on a medication that might help or might make you worse or even worse, give you another problem?
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Raw & Tasty Sprouts

Sprouts  like the vegetables they become if they grew to full size, are packed with nutrients your body needs.  The bonus to eating them early on in their growing phase is that your digestive system doesn't have to work as hard. Imperative for those struggling with poor gut health, chronic illness, and autoimmune conditions.  Help your gut work smarter not harder to allow healing to occur.
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