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Heather H.
I had never heard of Functional Health Coaching before meeting Tessa.  I was overweight, suffering from painful joints, sleep disturbances, and many other unexplained health issues that negatively affected my day-to-day life. Medical tests revealed borderline results but no diagnoses of any treatable conditions.  I was frustrated and unable to find answers that would improve my health. Tessa thoroughly gathered information to obtain an accurate picture of my current health situation.  She provided valuable education, guidance, and accountability to get me on the road to better health.  She was available for questions. Tessa also worked alongside my primary physician to determine the best path for my health. She referred me to other health professionals, such as a chiropractor, creating a well-rounded health team dedicated to my improvement. 

Tessa understands that it’s hard and that people aren’t perfect. She is, by nature, very warm and encouraging, which is exactly what you need when you’re attempting a lifestyle change. She is a motivator and an inspiring woman—overall, it has been a pleasure working with her. Tessa is truly invested in my success which is evident when she celebrates each step of my health journey right along with me.



"Investing in our health is the biggest investment we will ever make."

Jan P
The world needs more health and wellness practitioners like you, Tessa! She fills a niche that is currently void. She helped me more in the last 6 months than any doctor has in more than a decade. I sleep better! Have way more energy! And even more importantly, I have solutions to issues I thought I’d have to live with for the rest of my life. Thank you feels inadequate.

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