How can it be Monday already?
What happened to the weekend?  

As a mom to an ADHD kiddo, my days are all about rinse and repeat.
(Enter your own sarcastic voice in your head when reading the (   ) text. Listen to it here.)

  • Get up. (hmmm how will today's mood be)
  • Get dressed. (I know its hard to believe that every day you need to get dressed)
  • Eat breakfast. (slow down please and stop wiping your hands on your clothes)
  • Do school or not. (distance learning with a kid with learning disabilities is about as fun as it sounds.)
  • Eat second breakfast. (how can you be hungry, you just finished breakfast??)
  • More school or not. (no you can not force a child to sit in front of a computer, learning with kids that "get" it more then she does.)
  • 1st snack. (yep she's eating, again)
  • School. (thankfully its one on one and this teacher understands her and has the time to teach her the way she needs to be taught)
  • Lunch time....(yep food, again.)
  • Recess. (how in the world will I get her back to her school work
    School (yep, nope, not happening)
  • Phonics via iPad (I have a meeting)
  • (No you can not ask your friends to play, They are still doing school work because the school day is not over. What do you mean its not fair? Fair is doing the work you are supposed to be doing. I would LOVE for us to get the work done, so that tomorrow you aren't upset that you are behind or don't understand or think your friends think your stupid...where did she even learn that word?)

    This is just a small caption of my day (all before 11:30 am) and I'm guessing a whole lot of other moms with kids with learning disabilities.

    Its so hard right now.
    Hard for us.
    Hard for them.
    Hard for the teachers.
Hard for their friends.  

We are doing the best that we can.

The best thing we can do for ourselves, our kids, and those we love around us, is to wake up and get in the best mind frame you can.

Choose a mantra, and affirmation, a routine that is just you, but just choose it.
Say it.
Do it.
Repeat it.  

I promise you, your day (and your kiddo's day) will be better because of it.  

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