Tessa Bowers is the founder and CEO of Nourishing Functional Health.
She is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor who helps women
who are overwhelmed with their health and find themselves struggling
with brain fog, fatigue, and have other unexplained symptoms.
My Background 
Tessa spent a lifetime putting a bandaid over her symptoms - food sensitivities, weight gain, digestive distress, varicose veins, blood clots, you name it. By seeing every doctor and doing every diet in the book, she thought she was fixing them. Still, in reality, her body was creating more inflammation and increasing her toxic load until they became an even longer laundry list of unexplained symptoms that wouldn’t go away.
In October of 2020, her body couldn’t take anymore. A sudden and frightening shift occurred, leading to a new problem with a frightening diagnosis. It turns out that years of exposure to the unseen toxins of mold is not only scary; it is more common than you think, tough to diagnose, but even harder to navigate.

While her journey to recovery is still ongoing, she has made decent headway in healing.  Through hard work and commitment, she used the program she developed to navigate food sensitivities, help her gut work smarter, not harder, improve her body's detox ability, and shifted her mindset. The inflammation and toxic load are decreasing, and with that, her brain fog has diminished dramatically, she has more energy to be a better mom, less pain, and her fatigue has resolved. She has also begun to shed some weight, and her missing cycle for 2+ years has finally returned. Tessa believes that this health hurdle happened for a reason, and that reason was so that she may help other women to navigate their health with support and clarity.

Once you are a mom, your health often gets pushed to the side, when in reality, keeping you healthy is one of our most important jobs. Tessa works with other moms who struggle with exhaustion, brain fog, fatigue, and other unexplained symptoms by providing personalized support and solutions to overcome and thrive. Being tired and not feeling enough is something Tessa knows all too well.

Tessa is passionate about looking at the whole picture to provide clues and insight into your health. She utilizes multiple health techniques that provide a unique individualized approach to shift your health back into the zone of wellness.
Outside of the Nourishing Functional Health life, I can be found playing with my 9 year old daughter, playing with our labrador retriever or two kitties, gardening, quilting, and soaking in as much family and friend time as possible.  

I believe that it is imperative to investigate the many roots of our health. Looking at your genetics, life's history, and lifestyle will provide us with many clues. Navigating health doesn't need to be complicated, and returning to our roots is often the best place to start.  My clients learn how to make small changes in their food choices and lifestyle that positively affect their well-being.
Tessa's program delivered amazing results for me. I didn't even miss any of the old foods and lifestyles I had. The transformation in my life has been amazing.

Abby S, WI

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