Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a fantastic tool for understanding stress patterns, adrenal, and thyroid functioning, blood sugar, immune functioning, metabolism, and heavy metal excretion. When toxic amounts of a mineral (or heavy metal) accumulate in the body, they do not stay in the blood. This is due to the blood's homeostatic nature. Blood must, by necessity, remove excess toxins and minerals quickly. Some excess is excreted in urine (urine analysis shows what's being excreted). However, much excess is stored in a bio-unavailable form that the body can't use in the cells and tissues. In many cases where HTMA data would pick up toxic levels of stored minerals or metals in the body, the doctor relying on blood test results may tell the patient they're fine.
This Consult orders a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test.  The test kit will be mailed to your home or noted address (please leave your correct address for shipping.) The scan will be run first, and then a 1-hour review will occur once it is complete.  Please schedule for 2.5 weeks from today.
***PLEASE comment or email me a list of your symptoms and/or diagnosis when ordering. If you are unsure, please schedule a free health strategy call here. 
IF you are currently enrolled in a program with me, please message me for your discounted link to order your test. 

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