Designed to offer you relief through a whole-body approach. Reducing brain fog, fatigue, and other unexplained symptoms that restrict living the life you choose to live by reducing the inflammation in your body created by environmental toxins, processed foods, and more that have damaged your gut health, liver, and ability to detox safely. 

Revolutionize Your Health
Program Experience:

▫️Step 1: Mind, Body, and Health Discovery
To pinpoint triggers and root cause(s) to your health, make connections, be able to tell your whole story to someone who
will listen and not only understand why but how to improve. 

▫️ Step 2: From the Ground Up
Begin to decrease the inflammation load on your body, navigate proper hydration, food as medicine, supplementation; and work towards significant relief in brain fog, fatigue, pain, frustration, and overwhelm

▫️ Step 3 Detox and Prepare your Body
So that you can grasp the importance of proper detoxification throughout your body so toxins can pass quickly and safely and without creating additional roadblocks or symptoms. 

▫️ Step 4: Reset and Reboot your Gut
Discover what is helping and what is hindering your gut utilizing the results of your gastrointestinal panel. We will then use the information to tailor an individualized protocol to improve the health of your gut while continuing to reduce inflammation and improving your gut-brain connection. 

▫️ Step 4 Detox and Prepare your Body
So that you can grasp the importance of proper detoxification throughout your body so toxins can pass quickly and safely and without creating additional roadblocks or symptoms. 

▫️ Step 5: Release hidden emotions and Reset your Mindset
Discover your hidden feelings and frustrations to improve your Mindset. A positive mindset will support your body's nervous system for optimal sleep, stress reduction and improve the balance of all areas of your life. Whole-body, mind, and soul healing while building your confidence. 

▫️ Step 6: Learn how to interpret your body's signals and how to pivot
Learn how to read your body and pivot as needed. Feel empowered now and the rest of your life. 


During the first month, we work together weekly to navigate your life history, worries, needs, and struggles. As we discover and make connections, we create a thorough timeline and map of your health. We will begin to nourish your whole body by decreasing inflammation and getting you some well-needed relief.

During the second, third, and fourth months, we carefully begin to cleanse your liver and open up its detoxification pathways, support your mind, gut, and connection as we walk the path to reset in a controlled and safe space, your body and mind.

Collect a thorough lifelong history of medical health, medications, genetics, stressors, sleep, eating and bathroom habits, and more.


Choose and order functional health tests specific to your health needs. Review and develop an individualized protocol based on your results.

Reduce inflammation by safely addressing food sensitivities, liver detox pathways, & toxic load without creating additional roadblocks. 

We continue to reduce your body's inflammation and toxic load within your liver and detox pathways. We will slowly begin to address your gut health and toxins while being mindful of any shifts that could occur during this process. It is important not to rush and step back and adjust as your body and mind dictate.

Your body reset is not complete without addressing your hidden emotions and stressors. Sleep, stress, mindset, and balance are equally important in changing lifestyle, toxic load, and eating habits. During this phase, we will improve these areas and build the confidence your body needs for healing. 

Your inflammation is down, and many dots are connected as you learn about your body and your personal healing journey. As you continue to heal, you will be aware of other things that may occur or reveal themselves. Your journey is ongoing, and it will be important to recognize and pivot as need be. 

When was the last time...

Did you feel heard or supported by your doctor and health care team?
Unfortunately, a cookie-cutter approach and protocols are often used to correct or mask the symptoms without discovering and correcting the root cause.  By not starting here, symptoms continue, and disease processes will worsen. 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health.
Your symptoms are Yours.
They developed because of something in Your history.
How and why they developed is related to your story and no one else's.
Healing Your unexplained symptoms should be tailored to You and no one else. 

Lucky for you, I'm really good at investigating and developing personalized protocols that ACTUALLY work, boosted with functional labs and unbeatable support and guidance along the way.

Are you Ready?
To say good bye to brain fog, fatigue, and other unexplained symptoms? 
To determine the real cause of your health concerns?
To live life the way YOU want to, without your health getting in your way? 

Frequently asked questions

  • What's Included?

    - One  90 Minute Dive Deep Intake Call to explore every aspect of your medical history, lifestyle, genetics, and environment. This is where bio-individuality comes into play
    - One 60-minute Results & Recommendations session to review your lab/test results
    - Four 60-minute Deep Dive & reassess coaching call
    - One 60 minute Post-program review session to assess your progress, discuss a maintenance plan and steps moving forward
    - Unlimited email support
    - Unlimited instant messaging support through Practice Better
    - Private Facebook group access
    - In-depth, individualized protocols with nutrition, supplement, and  lifestyle recommendations
    - Free updates to your protocol along the way as necessary
    - Access to professional supplement lines 
    - Bonus 20% discount on supplements
    -Unlimited resources for lifestyle + dietary support (grocery lists, meal prep, snacks, detox guides, etc.)
    - Coming Soon: Access to Self paced 25-day anti-inflammatory online course
    - Self-care practices including, but are not limited to, Aroma Freedom Technique,  Breathe work sessions, and a guide to Meditation & Mindset Practices 
    - Lifetime access to your own private HIPAA compliant client portal. 

  • What's Not Included?

    - Cost of functional labs 
    - Cost of supplements
    - The desire and commitment to truly want to change your health

  • What Packages are available?
    We offer a 3-month, 9-month, and 12-month package

  • Why is the smallest program 3 months?
    Addressing health from a root-cause perspective takes time and commitment.  

  • Do you offer payment plans?
    You may pay for your program in divided monthly payments, or if you pay upfront, a discount will be applied. 

  • How do I get started?
    Book your Free Health Strategy Call today!

    Let's Get Started!

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