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revolutionize YOUR HEALTH 
- A 3-month Mind, Body, and Energy program
- Discover your root causes  (parasites, Lyme + Co-infections, Mold, etc)

- Drainage, Detoxification, and Prepare your Body 
- Reset and Reboot your Gut
- Release Hidden Emotions & Reset your Mindset
- Learn how to interpret your body's signals

- 9 MONTHS of continued support while clearing tick pathogens and more.
- 60 minute sessions every other week for 9 months
- Support drainage and detoxification systems.
- Parasite Cleanse and reset and replenish your gut
- Re-Energize your cells, organs, body, and mind

order Bio-Resonance Scan
- 1 scan testing for the following areas: Overview of primary stressors, nutritional imbalances, system/organ stress, hormone imbalances, toxin stressors including chemicals, heavy metals, molds/mycotoxins, bacteria, and viruses.   .
- Discover what toxins and Pathogens (tick infections, bacteria, viruses, parasites) are causing your body stress. 
- What works best for your body: Homeopathy, herbs, or a combination of both?  

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